When I am with a client, I am with them deeply engaged. It is like two people communicating and that’s how I get the connection and emotion from them as well as getting them to relax. People don’t “naturally” express themselves freely in front of people they have just met. It is my job to make that connection quickly by relating to them as a person in a genuine way.

I will guide you so that you know exactly what to do. Most people hate having their photograph taken – it’s our job to make sure you are enjoying the shoot without worrying too much or feeling shy and embarrassed! There are absolutely no expectations of you, I just want you to have a great experience. Your images are always based on positive qualities. Noticing your best angles and expressions.

There may be activities or props that you can do at your chosen shoot or event location to really show what your brand is about – for example, you may be an accountant and want to be photographed in an office location.

That said, props and locations aren’t compulsory, we can do a simple studio shot if that’s what you would prefer. There are some great benefits of studio shoots too, they are convenient and often quicker, you can also capture the clean & minimal look, not to mention the environment is completely controlled meaning there are no distractions or extra disruptions.

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